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Hire a lawyer familiar with adoptions, criminal law and employment law

Most people assume they’ll never find themselves facing the legal system in Missoula, Montana. But life comes at you fast. Thankfully, Lowy Law, PLLC is here for you when you need help the most. Hire Lowy Law when you:

Attorney Lowy is certified as a child welfare specialist by the National Association of Counsel for Children. Our law office works hard to protect the interests of children in Missoula, MT. Schedule your free consultation today to start protecting your child in the Missoula, Montana legal system.

Hire a criminal law attorney to fight for your rights

Get the compensation and closure you deserve after you’ve been the victim of a crime or suffered a personal injury. Lowy Law, PLLC helps clients in Missoula, MT fight back when they have suffered harm at the hands of another. We work with clients who have incurred terrible injuries from assaults, automobile accidents and dog bites. Visit our law office in Missoula, Montana to start working on your case today.

Protecting families and foster families in Missoula, MT

At Lowy Law, PLLC, we focus on the wellbeing of children in Missoula, MT. We work hard to put the child's best interests first in every family law case we take on.

Are you facing a legal battle in the foster care system? Call 406-926-6500 to speak with attorney Lowy about your situation.

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