Ensure Your Interests Are Heard During Your Divorce

Ensure Your Interests Are Heard During Your Divorce

Hire our family law attorney in Missoula, MT

Attorney Lowy of Lowy Law, PLLC in Missoula, MT can handle a variety of divorce cases. If you have no marital assets or children, he can guide you through a low-cost, timely divorce. You won’t even have to go before a judge.

For divorces that are more complicated, attorney Lowy has the experience needed to use the family laws in Montana to your advantage. He’ll do his best keep your soon-to-be-former spouse from wreaking havoc on your finances. If children are involved, he’ll keep their interests at the forefront while minimizing parental alienation. Call attorney Lowy today to start the divorce process.

Trust attorney Lowy’s guidance

You can rely on attorney Lowy to draft the necessary paperwork and file the correct documents so your divorce case goes as smoothly as possible. Some of your duties will include:

  • Signing documents
  • Providing facts about your case
  • Gathering required paperwork
Reach out to attorney Lowy now to work with a professional who has a strong grasp on divorce law in Missoula, MT.