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The criminal defense attorney at Lowy Law, PLLC understands the criminal justice system from every angle. After spending over a decade as a prosecutor, Lowy Law has learned what it takes to create the best chance of reaching a favorable outcome. You can trust us to handle your criminal defense case because we:

  • Have judged criminal cases
  • Have litigated over 100 cases
  • Will stand up for your constitutional rights
  • Will protect you from unjust consequences

We've defended people charged with a variety of cases, from sex offenses to DUIs. Lowy Law will explain your options and build a solid defense in your favor.

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The Team at Lowy Law can help you understand what's at stake and develop a strong argument in your defense. We'll provide the legal support and counsel you need to see your case through. Trust Lowy Law to get to the bottom of your situation and defend your reputation.

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